Thank you for your interest in

Link’s Martial Arts

Whether you're interested in a program for yourself, your children or your entire family, Link’s Martial Arts has the program that is right for you. As a new student you will select the programs that are best suited to your interest.

We offer programs that encourage, develop and inspire you to achieve your highest personal goals.
Every person has a reason unique to themselves as to why they want to begin their journey in the martial arts. Some students aspire to learn self defense, spend quality time with their families, achieve weight loss/fitness goals, stress management, confidence, leadership skills, focus, or the ability to deal with peer pressure/bullies. These are just a few of the reasons people join our programs.

Our program is exciting, motivating and offers many benefits in the area of self-improvement both mentally and physically.

        * Improved coordination
        * Lowered blood pressure
        * Increased strength and stamina
        * Stress reduction
        * Improved overall fitness
        * Ability to defend yourself
        * Increased confidence

We teach the “Black Belt Qualities” of self-esteem, confidence, discipline, positive thinking, values and much more. Our main goal is to help you attain your goals and become a better person in the process.

Begin your journey in the Martial Arts today.  Contact Master Link at (262) 224-3245 or send us an e-mail at:  See for yourself why families strive for excellence at Link’s Martial Arts